Disclaimer Over Involvement with Medicap Sdn Bhd


Koperasi Barisan Usahawan Berhad (KOPBARIS) has made to understand that certain parties have been linking our name, to the Medicap Sdn Bhd. purportedly that we are in support of their business activities.

Once again, we would like to emphasise that KOPBARIS in its entirety is NOT involved with the Medicap Sdn Bhd business activities and we do not have any partnership or business relationship with them accordingly and 3 i-Kopbaris outlets under the brand of Rujevenate; Sibu, Sarikei & SS3 are not belong to them but it is belong to Koperasi Barisan Usahawan Berhad (KOPBARIS).

KOPBARIS hereby requests the cooperation of every parties who not have official authorization from us for that matter, to not use our cooperative name and our logo in their advertising and public networking.

We appreciate the cooperation that will be accorded to us.

Tuan Fabian Gan @ Sufian Gani
Koperasi Barisan Usahawan Berhad (KOPBARIS)