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Also known as KopBaris Berhad, has been established since year 2015. KopBaris Berhad is registered with the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia @ Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia on 29 January, 2016. We are a Licensed fund management entity and member of Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia & Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan (M) Bhd, ANGKASA.

We started with 50 members and maintained a steady growth throughout our years of establishment. Our chairmain is held by Tuan Fabian Gan @ Mohd Sufian Bin Ghani, with the inspiration from Datuk Temenggong Haji Wan Hamid Edruce Tuanku Mohamad.

  • 150

  • 2050

  • 11

  • RM 5.7 Million

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Our Objective

Our main objective is to become a support platform for aspiring Malaysian entrepreneurs and to support seed, start-up early stage to late stage companies in the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Skincare industries as well as other high-growth industries. We’ll empower entrepreneurs to:

  • Create their own wealth, through good health
  • Create affordable health care to our society at large

How we do it is through lean and precise management, capital injection, connections, and support. After injecting capital into these up-and-coming companies, we remain actively involved for about three to eight years; and by that, we mean that we sit on the Board and help with key management decisions. Not to micromanage, but to provide sound advice based on our vast experience and leverage on our wide cross-industry network.

It’s also our responsibility to groom more expertise like us and private equity managers; there’s so much to do, yet so few of us. This is the kind of quality leadership that we must pass on to make Malaysian entrepreneurs globally competitive.

Our Mission

Encouraging the development of cooperatives to be competitive, durable, progressive and integrative to increase cooperative participation in various sectors of the economy in developing entrepreneurial culture.

Our Vision

To make cooperative sector more competitive for the country's economic development through the 'Dasar Koperasi Negara' and to continuous effort to serve the best and trusted platform for cooperative entrepreneur.